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We Think We’ve Got A Winner. Or THREE.

Ladies & Gentlemen! We think we've got a winner! Actually, we've got THREE! Our very first giveaway was a complete blast and we are so grateful to have connected with some lovely new, as well as familiar faces. Our amazing clients have been helping us spread the word, one belle at a time, and for that we feel truly honored. Not only do we get to know you, but also to meet some of your favorite folks. Win-win situation. As many of you know, we decided to kick-off our giveaways with three complimentary sessions of laser hair removal on a…

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Fall Is Laser Hair Removal O’Clock.

This time of year has always felt like the ideal time for new beginnings in my humble opinion. Even more so than the new year. Maybe it's the transition of seasons, watching the leaves bring about the winds of change (if you are fortunate enough to experience that), knowing that hibernating season is around the corner not only physically but energetically slowly gearing us up for the pep in our step we get during those spring and summer months. The precursor to a new you. Regardless of the neural circuits involved, it's an amazing time of year to start anew.…

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Say What? It’s Giveaway Time!

Guess who's super stoked for the end of summer?!? (One guess) While that's usually not the case, this summer I am particularly happy to say ciao to these beautiful beach days we've been having this year. Why, you ask? We've recently added laser hair removal to our list of services which is a straight up dream come true. As if that wasn't enough, it all came together at just the right time. Don't you love when that happens? For those of you who are of the curious kind, stay tuned for my next blog post where I'll spell out exactly…

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The Process

1. Individual Attention

You are not just a number, which is why we don't treat you like one. At The Golden Belle Spa, we pride ourselves on giving each and every client our undivided attention. We want to know all about you. Questions, concerns, favorite movies. Your visits are all about you. Period.

2. Customized Services

Your face is unlike any other. That's precisely why we customize each treatment just for you. Sure we can focus on concerns like: Hydration / Detoxification / Anti-Aging. But you can bet your knickers we're strategizing to address your needs during every visit. There's nothing assembly-line about it. Promise.

3. Great Results

You want great results. We do too! That's why we're constantly working with our clients to utilize treatments and regimens that deliver the best results. Feeling beautiful is not about the cookie-cutter look. It's unique and complex, just like you. Which is why this is no wham-bam type scenario. We're on your team. Always.

We would love to meet you!