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Brit + Co: 16 Long Lasting Lipstick For The Perfect Pout

So yeah, the thing about us ladies on the go is that we don’t have time for things that slow us down. We live for those little tips and tricks that save us precious seconds or help us dodge an otherwise embarrassing sitch — lipstick on the teeth, run in the ‘hose type of stuff. So what if we told you that we had 16 secret ways to keep your pouts in perfectly colored shape and that it would (gasp) last longer than any event in your social calendar? Lipstick re-apps? Nobody has time for that! Check out 16 Long Lasting…

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The Importance of Toner

To tone or not to tone? That. Is. A pretty common question. Toner. So misunderstood. So overlooked. Yet such an important part of each and every regimen. Client after client has confessed that they don't see the big deal in skipping toner. And so as a self proclaimed ambassador for toner, I just wanted to clear a few things up. What does it actually do? Toner has a few important roles. The most common you've probably heard of is balancing the pH of the skin. Why is it important to have skin that is properly balanced? If your skin is…

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Brit + Co: Get Out the Door in 10 Minutes With These Beauty Hacks

The Queen of Snooze — it sounds so regal, doesn’t it? But to most of us, it feels more like a tornado of panic as we run around in circles trying to get ready. Big decisions are being made in mere milliseconds: To shower or not to shower? Probably not. How important is blush really? Very important. Is matching our lipstick to our shoes really necessary? Always. We’ve gone ahead and rallied a set of tips and tricks we like to think of as Snooze Queen Boot Camp. Here are 16 beauty hacks that will get you up and out the…

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The Process

1. Individual Attention

You are not just a number, which is why we don't treat you like one. At The Golden Belle Spa, we pride ourselves on giving each and every client our undivided attention. We want to know all about you. Questions, concerns, favorite movies. Your visits are all about you. Period.

2. Customized Services

Your face is unlike any other. That's precisely why we customize each treatment just for you. Sure we can focus on concerns like: Hydration / Detoxification / Anti-Aging. But you can bet your knickers we're strategizing to address your needs during every visit. There's nothing assembly-line about it. Promise.

3. Great Results

You want great results. We do too! That's why we're constantly working with our clients to utilize treatments and regimens that deliver the best results. Feeling beautiful is not about the cookie-cutter look. It's unique and complex, just like you. Which is why this is no wham-bam type scenario. We're on your team. Always.

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